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Our goal isn’t just to find a buyer.
Our goal is to find the right buyer.

You’ve dedicated a large part of your life to building your business and you want to sell it for the best and highest price. We understand.

Let us help you take the next step. We’ve dedicated our lives to helping entrepreneurs just like you reap the greatest return on your most precious investment. It’s what we do every day, and we do it well.

Consider the advantages of entrusting one of the most important financial events of your life to true business professionals:

While we focus on selling your business, you can focus on operating your business. You won’t waste time with tire-kickers and “looky-loos.” You’ll only be presented with buyers who we’ve personally pre-screened. We’ll see their financials before they ever see yours. All buyers are required to sign confidentiality agreements before any information is released about your business. These are only a few of the steps we take to protect you and your business.

Our number one job is to protect your best interests. You can trust that your employees, as well as your community, will never know you’re planning to sell. A constant workforce—including your key management—enhances the value of your business for potential buyers.

In 1977, we founded this firm on the principles of honesty, integrity, hard work, and family. We will never make any promises to you that we can’t live up to. And we’ll never encourage you to take an offer that doesn’t fit your financial goals.

Deep market research and analysis within your industry will tell us who your best buyers are, and where to find them. Our targeted search won’t be contained to state or continental lines. We’ll tap into our worldwide database of qualified prospective buyers, private equity groups and merger and acquisition buyers to find the right match to meet your particular goals.

We are experts in selling and valuing businesses, but we realize that this may be your first and only business sale. No worries, we’ll be with you for every buyer interaction—always to protect your best interests.

As one of the few specialty CPA firms in the country operating solely in business sales and valuations, our ability to identify “value drivers” and “value killers” inside your business could be the difference between a comfortable retirement and a dismal one. We’ll show you how to zero in on your value drivers, and kick your value killers to the curb to exponentially increase the value of your business.

Bridging communication gaps between your financial team and the buyer’s financial team to get the best price for your business is one of our specialties. Because of our unique financial background, we are highly accomplished and experienced when working on complex deal-making strategies—so when it’s time to make a decision, you can feel confident it’s your most lucrative option.

How we close the deal: an inside look at our selling process.

Selling your business will be a process—not an event. You don’t have to go through the complicated process of selling your business alone. In fact, we’ll lead the way.


Why business owners love us

  • "I'm reading your book Grover. It's very well written and is not causing headaches!"

    Claudia M. / /

  • "Grover and his company were extremely helpful every step of the way. He guided me through each necessary step with patience and good will. His thorough knowledge of accounting practices and business procedures meant that he could offer meaningful answers to my questions. With his help I not only got an excellent price for my business, but we managed to sell it to people who are very likely to succeed and grow the business."

    Dennis B. / /

  • "I would have never guessed that selling would have been so difficult and I'm so glad that Grove and his team were there to walk me through it and make it happen."

    Dick K. / /

  • "We met with several business brokers before choosing Grove but none had the "complete package" like he did and the credentials we found important."

    Kim S. / /

  • "I would recommend Grove to anyone thinking of selling their business. He was thorough, and I always knew he had my best interest in mind. He was not reluctant, however, to keep my head out of the clouds and my feet on the ground. His advice was timely and on point. Not always welcomed...but always useful. Grove took the time to learn about my industry and what it takes to be successful. Grove's staff was also very helpful and timely in their response to my inquires."

    Richard M. / /

  • "Grove Rutter and staff were always available and professional. They did a great job of marketing our company and bringing in only buyers that were qualified and the right fit for our company."

    Kim S. / /

  • "Thank you for doing a fantastic job with your documentation and methods of working professionally with buyers. You provided feedback and answers to any question within hours. Very impressive. Thank you!"

    Yacir J. / /

  • "We tried to sell on our own, we could not move the deal forward. Grove knew how to move the process forward while keeping animosity from developing between the buyer and seller."

    Kim S. / /

  • "Before we even got started, Grover worked with me to position and prepare the company for a higher value sale. Grover then went the extra mile by helping me with everything from understanding accounting and what the buyer was looking for, through the legal jargon in a difficult to understand contract. He knows his work well and was a great mentor that I could rely on for making the many decisions which come up when selling my company. I trust Grover and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to sell their company. I would also use his services if I were buying a company, as it's a lot more challenging than you may think."

    Dick K. / /

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